For many, thoughts of ending an unhappy marriage occur long before any action may be taken. For example, one might think to themselves or even voice it to a confidant, "I can’t stand another holiday, or another year, in this marriage!" An unhappy spouse may forget what attracted them to the other, thinking, "I can't stand him/her and can’t bear to even be in the same room." People in unhappy marriages often feel trapped, believing that their lives are simply too complicated and too intertwined to divorce. If there are children, the situation may seem even more overwhelming. Frequently, there is considerable acrimony and stress, not only upon the spouses but also for the children who are all too aware of the disagreements between their parents. Parties often believe, incorrectly, that they have been successful in shielding the children from the marital difficulties, while the children suffer in silence, becoming insecure and finding their academic performance declining.

A person who is experiencing marital discontent may find themselves searching the internet for information on how to divorce my wife, or my husband, or, simply, my spouse. When one becomes very unhappy in a marriage, one can often seek solace from close friends, or therapists, or clergy, or close colleagues before ever seeking information from a legal professional.

If any of this seems familiar to you, it is time to consider seeking professional help in order to try to resolve the dispute before it becomes even more difficult, or before a regrettable event forces the matter into court. Divorces that are litigated, especially through trial, are extraordinarily expensive, particularly in comparison to the lower cost of mediation. Parties who choose mediation to resolve their divorce and post-divorce disputes feel more satisfied with the resulting negotiated settlement because they know better than a Court what is important for their family, they participate more fully in the discussions, and their concerns are heard. The process is entirely voluntary, so if it isn’t working for a party they can bring the process to an end, and it is entirely confidential.

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